About Me

My name is Evan Langlois and I’ve been using computers since I was 3, started writing in BASIC before kindergarten, started doing assembly language to speed things up around 12 or so.  And I didn’t have an assembler – I used a table of opcodes and what the hex and decimal equivalents were and used a set of BASIC “DATA” statements to POKE the values into RAM.  This I did for custom display lists and other needs where speed was required.  Hey, it was a 6502!

I later moved up to an Atari ST which led to Unix, MiNT (a Unix-alike for the Atari 68K line), NeXT (I eventually got a color slab years later), Mach (the kernel now used by Mac – name similarities are purely coincidental), C, and of course … Linux!

I’ve been a Linux system admin for years with a heavy background in programming and scripting.  When it comes to thinking outside the box, I had to build my own box!  And my box has Schrodinger’s Cat in it!  Its seems natural that such a unique hybrid would come from my background.

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